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  Meet the Artist​​

Growing up in Champaign, Illinois, Shambé​ learned to appreciate all forms of art; from musical to visual.  At a very young age he found it very easy to express himself through visual art. As he became older Shambé began to develop a name for himself and  tackled many sensitive topics, and was not afraid to do so.  After graduating high school, Bro. Shambé​  ​​left for Mississippi in sight of a new beginning.  He began studying Art at Jackson State University.  His studies led him to experimenting with several mediums; which includes: Ceramic, Painting, Sculpture, and Pyrography.  This only gave him more fuel to take on more sensitive topics.  Bro. Shambé​ ​​always wanted to expand his horizons; he traveled abroad with Jackson State University-Study Abroad Program, by way of Drew University to Coté​ ​​D'ivoire, Africa in search of new ideas.  After returning he had a stronger interest in Pyrography.  He was fascinated with the etched walls of caves, in which cavemen used fire sticks. Over the years Bro.  Shambé​ has produced hundreds of wood burnings, along with paintings, and sculptures.  He even has a new venture with hand painted t-shirts and Clothing.  His work continues to cultivate a new generation: Ask For More Arts / Jackson Public Schools and Kiddie College / Jackson State University.  

What would we do without art ?

It's the heartbeat of the ​world.

                      ~ Bro. Shambé

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